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Cedarwood Pure ESSENTIAL Oil Uncut Himalayan Type Free Shipping 5ml & Up

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More about this item

Cedarwood ESSENTIAL OIL     100% Pure 

10ml (1/3 Oz) 
Botanical Name:  Cedrus Deodara
Origin: India
Use: Therapeutic

Cedarwood Essential Oil  
Ships in Glass Bottle 

Cedarwood  is a antiseptic, ant putrescent, anti seborrheic, aphrodesiac, astringent, diuretic, fungicidal, sedative (nervous) stimulant (circulatory) and a tonic.
Experiments in India have shown that Cedarwood Oil can be highly effective as a natural and environmental friendly insecticide and fungicide.  Due to its nontoxic nature it can also be used to keep various household insects and pests at bay while being totally same for mammals. 

Cedarwood oil is obtained by giving an alkali wash to cruse oil.  The oiL that is rich in Himanchalene is called rectified oil  and the oil rich in Allantone and higher fraction removing resin is called perfumery grade cedarwood oil.   Distilled from the roots and stumps of the Cedrus Deodara which has been left after cutting of the Deodar trees for timber extraction.

Essential Oils are highly concentrated and potent substances. Always use safety procedures. *DO NOT take internally. *Avoid all essential oils, natural herb products and salt baths during pregnancy. *Always dilute essential oils in a base oil. They are NOT perfumes that can be applied directly to skin. If undiluted they can be extremely harsh to the skin. Ask you doctor before using Essential Oils if you are on any prescription medication. * Keep essential oils away from children and animals - and in a secure safe location. * We cannot be held responsible for the misuse of these products. * Don't store in plastic containers because some may dissolve plastic. *Keep oils away from varnished or painted surfaces as they will mar the surface.